Chicago Insurance Agent Pleads Guilty to Federal, State Tax Evasion


A Chicago insurance agent has pleaded guilty to failing to pay federal and state taxes on more than $4.7 million in income earned over a decade, according to federal prosecutors.

The office of the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois reported that John Ocwiej, 49, admitted he failed to pay income taxes for tax years 2006 to 2016, causing a combined loss to the United States and State of Illinois of more than $1.1 million. Ocwieja earned a total income of more than $4.7 million as a licensed insurance agent and financial representative during that time, the plea agreement states.
Ocwieja was found guilty three times on 24 September to fail to seek a federal tax return. His sentence was set on December 18th.

According to the deal, Ocwieja earned more than $ 500,000 in three out of 11 years and did not pay any income taxes and earned more than $ 300,000 in four years. Ocwieja agreed that tax was paid instead of funds instead of personal funds.

Conviction is sentenced to a maximum of three years in prison in federal prison.

The accused objections are the North District Attorney John R. Lausch Jr. in Illinois. and Gabriel L. Grchan, Special Representative of the Criminal Investigation Office for Internal Revenue Service in Chicago. The government is represented by US Secretary of State Andrianna Kastanek and Patrick King.

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