CEO Legrand Exits Brokerslink


Global broking network Brokerslink announced the departure of Jacqueline Legrand as chief executive officer.

After six years based in Europe, Legrand has resigned from her position to return to New York to take on a new professional opportunity and reunite with her family, according to the announcement.
The next head of Brokerslink, José Manuel Fonseca, will ensure the transition.

Since 2009, Legrand has been responsible for American operations for Brokerslink, where he was responsible for Brokerslink, the international company manager of Crystal & Co. in New York. In 2012, when he joined the MDS Group, he took responsibility as EMEA Regional Director of Brokerslink. Since 2012, he is a member of COO and a board member at MDS Group, which is a shareholder of Brokerslink.

In his time as CEO of Brokerslink, following the transfer of Brokerslink from a company to a non-profit company, he helped launch the company’s next phase of development. ’We would like to thank Jacqueline for the extraordinary work that was done in 2018 to create Brokerslink’s vision, redefine our business model, reorganize the team, and launch our execution plan. Gregory Allard, president of Brokerslink, will be influential in the growth of Brokerslink’s innovative platforms and offers that he and his team have developed.

Brokerslink supports independent brokerage firms from 100 countries with risk management and insurance services.

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