BMW 3-Series unveils new digital cockpit before its launch


The new X5, the 8-Series, the Z4 and the exciting 3-Series will have this new full digital display control concept and will be able to receive updates from the air. The multimedia system comes with a 10.25-inch high-resolution touch screen and a 13.3-inch Control Panel.

BMW’s new system can be used with classic iDrive, touch, voice or gesture control. The new Advanced Audio Control comes with BMW’s “natural speech recognition” feature. This means that users don’t have to talk like a robot to detect the system’s sounds, and they can understand the system’s everyday language. In addition, the gesture control feature has been enhanced to recognise two more gestures.

The multimedia menu is new and more streamlined. Vertical lists and horizontal bars provide faster access. A new Quick Access Toolbar also features the most commonly used features.

The new digital control panel combines 2D and 3D graphics with animation. The graphics that look like round analog displays have been replaced by spring-shaped graphics that are opened to the center. Navigation content is shown with an orientation map, Eco Pro mode is selected, fuel consumption and speed information is added next to the cycle meter. Colors change according to fashion.

As mentioned before, the new system will include air updates. As of next year, BMW announced that with the remote software upgrade customers will be able to access some of the functions and services that are customized for their cars. The BMW Connected app will warn the owner of the vehicle when the update arrives, and the download will be carried out within the application. The update will take place when the smartphone is connected to the vehicle. Updates can also be obtained with the SIM card inside the car itself.

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