Black Box from Crashed Lion Air Jet Retrieved from Wreckage by Divers


Indonesian authorities on Thursday retrieved a flight data recorder from a Lion Air jet that crashed and broke apart in shallow sea near the capital, Jakarta, this week, killing all 189 people on board.

The country’s second-deadliest air disaster since 1997 has prompted renewed concern about Indonesia’s patchy aviation safety record, and the government has said Lion Air will face tougher safety regulation.
The research into the world’s first collapse of the Boeing Co 737 MAX, a world-wide commercial service, will be explored by the global aviation industry.

Açı This hopes to expose the mystery behind the plane crash.

The data obtained should provide clues about what is wrong with the aircraft in service only since August.

On the way to the crowded mining town of Pangkal Pinang, only 13 minutes after leaving Jakarta early on the market, he lost touch with ground personnel.

The pilot wanted to return to the base shortly after the departure and the ground control authorities approved the request.

A navy diver told Metro TV on a search vessel that his crew had found the orange colored box intact in the debris of the muddy sea floor.
The Indonesian transport safety committee (KNKT) will analyze its data in Jakarta, which may take up to two weeks.

The searchers have not yet found the second black box containing the records of their cockpit speeches. Strong currents have made the search efforts more complicated by the presence of energy pipelines in the region.

The discovery of the black box can provide some relief to suffer relatives. But hopes are the fading of finding a solid part of the hull, with the hulls, and finding something that can be easily taken inside.

The commander of the navy divers, who participated in the study, was told by the news portal that divers had found many bodies. But only one has been identified.

Yo What is important to us is to get more information about the victims, because it’s important for us to keep the rest, so we can accurately embed them, önemli said Ade Inyo, whose brother is on the flight.

More Inspections, Security Review
Authorities, the investigation with the help of Boeing, General Electric and the Federal Aviation Federation said.

He will also focus on four Lion Air teams, including the speculative suspension of airplanes on Wednesday, with the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation’s speculation that it is not suitable for flight.

Iz For the moment, we will talk about two main reasons,. HKS Satmiko, deputy chairman of KNGH, told Reuters, referring to the people who flew equipment and the aircraft, and directed them.

Transport ministry was suspended for 120 days Lion Air’s maintenance and engineering director, fleet maintenance manager and release engineer on Monday to release the release said in a press release.

The airplanes of private budget carriers, established in 1999, have been involved in at least 15 security incidents and are facing more stringent international security restrictions than other Indonesian airlines.

Authorities, compared to other airline companies now more intense “ramp” will be subject to inspections, he said.

President Joko Widodo also ordered the revision of all regulations concerning flight safety.

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world. From 2012 to 2017, the transport safety committee explored 137 serious aviation incidents.

Lion Air said that the plane he was traveling with was suitable for flight and that the pilot and co-pilots had a flight time of 11,000 hours between them.

According to the transport safety committee, however, there were technical problems in the resort town of Denpasar, Bali, including a problem with the “unreliable airspeed” on the previous flight of the plane on Sunday.

Lion Air CEO Edward Sirait accepted reports of technical problems on the plane, but said maintenance was, by procedure uç before it started flying again.

The only fatal accident of Lion Air was in 2004, when an MD-82 landed in Solo City, where flight security forces killed 25 of 163 people according to the Aviation Safety Network.

In April, the airline announced the purchase of 50 Boeing 737 MAX 10 narrowed jets with a list price of $ 6.2 billion. It is one of the largest US planemaker customers worldwide and became the first worldwide operator to deliver 737 MAX last year.

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