Berkley FinSecure Launches Embezzlement Insurance for Investors


Berkley finsecure, a berkley company, has launched capital guard, an insurance product that covers people for embezzlement of their invested assets.

The product has been launched with capital guard inc. And capital protect insurance offerings and covers person investors in the occasion that their asset supervisor or funding marketing consultant embezzles their funding budget.
The economic protection of capital defend can cowl a part of or all of the risk to person traders, who usually do now not understand they may be uncovered or have a method in location to recover stolen funds. Limits are available up to $10 million.

Capital defend is underwritten by berkley finsecure. It is to be had as an added gain to appointed marketers of berkley one, a berkley corporation. Further, for non-appointed retailers the product is available thru its special wholesale courting with capital defend insurance services.

Based totally in fort myers, florida, capital guard coverage offerings, owned by using capital defend inc., is a insurance wholesale distribution channel for folks who need to defend their property from embezzlement by using their investment advisors, asset managers, fund managers, or different securities enterprise specialists.

Berkley finsecure, a berkley agency, gives comprehensive coverage merchandise and customized carrier to financial institutions. Bond, control liability coverages and all general property-casualty traces are available as well as strong point merchandise catering to mortgage creditors and trust managers. The berkley crime unit provides crime related coverage products to business agencies, financial institutions and governmental entities.

All merchandise are underwritten on behalf of berkley member insurance corporations.

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