Bad timing in Venice from BMW


While 75 %of the city is flooded with floods in recent years, BMW has published footage of the new 2019 8-Series Coupe on Venice channels.
The BMW iconic 8-Series was revived and the launch of this important model should have been stylishly carried out. The ads of the model had everything necessary for success. The company displayed the new model in Venice’s historic center. The car has never been built so far under the Canal Grande and Rialto Bridge. 8-in order to prevent the series from being affected by water, special floating platforms were placed where the car will pass by permission from the authorities.

In the TV commercials we see a young Venedian who loves BMW cars but lives in a city where transportation is provided by boats and boats. Years later, he returns to Venice as an adult and dreams of riding the 8-Series Coupe car on the canals of the historic city. According to the BMW, advertising is based on the fact that things seem impossible.
The advertising film offers an impressive visual experience. On the other hand, the timing of the ad could have been better. These days, Venice is experiencing one of the worst floods in history, and catastrophic storms are damaging the city. The rising waters have covered Venice’s famous squares and roads. In some places, the water level is up to 1560 mm.
At such a time, the release of a cheerful commercial film showing the BMW 8-Series coupe on the city’s canals led to some criticism, calling it insensitive.

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