AXA’s Duverne Named Chairman of Insurance Development Forum, Replacing Catlin


The Insurance Development Forum (IDF) announced the appointment of Denis Duverne as chair of its Steering Committee, succeeding Stephen Catlin, effective Sept. 11, 2018.

The IDF is a public-private partnership, led by a senior insurance industry executive and supported by the United Nations and the World Bank, which aims to enhance the use of insurance to build greater resilience against disasters. overseen by a Steering Committee..
Duverne is president of the Paris-based AXA Group, which has held senior positions since 1995, including the CFO and deputy general manager. Since 2016, he is a member of the IDF Steering Committee, which manages the group.

Duverne will replace Catlin, the founder and former CEO of Catlin Group Ltd., which has been the Chairman of the Board since its foundation in 2016.

During Catlin’s tenure, IDF has supported several groundbreaking insurance developments by the UK and German governments, including the Global Disaster Protection Center and the G20 InsulaRence Global Partnership. It has also undertaken critical initiatives to develop open-source and transparent risk modeling, market-supporting regulation and partnerships with international institutions.

Tı A few years ago, the IDF mobilized a wide range of expert and impressive networks from a concept, insurance and development, and took great steps to strengthen public-private dialogue. . I would like to thank the founders and participants of IDF for all their hard work to reach where it is today, Cat said Catlin.

Duverne said, etmek I would like to thank Stephen for his important contributions to IDF as President. Du I Over the past two and a half years, he has managed to establish an unprecedented public-private partnership. I am honored to have the chance to lead the IDF to benefit from the comprehensive expertise of the insurance sector for real impact. ”

Sahip Stephen is critical to making the IDF a platform for private and public sector cooperation in insurance and international development to achieve UN development goals. Achim Steiner, Director of the UN Special Development Program and co-chairman of the IDF Board, is looking forward to moving to the next operational level with Denis, the private sector leader.
. With a wealth of experience in managing a multinational insurance company, Denis will be a valuable asset in building the IDF’s vision and operational agenda on the strong foundations and partnerships created by Stephen,. Said Joaquim Levy. He is Executive Director and Co-Chairman of the World Bank Group CFO and IDF Board.

Sermaye Stephen was a promising initiative when he became president of the IDF in 2016, but he turned it into a comprehensive Steering Group of industry leaders and brought it to a whole different level, ca said Rowf Douglas Willis, President and CEO of the IDF Operations Capital, at Towers Watson. Science and Policy Practice.

. I do not know anyone else who can achieve this and succeed so successfully and we are extremely grateful for its driving and commitment. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Stephen, and welcome to the president Denis Duverne to build on these rich foundations, ‘added Douglas.

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