AXA Mexico Confirms Client Information, Resources Are Safe After Cyber Attack


AXA Mexico said the information and resources of its customers are safe and have not been affected by a cyber attack, which it discovered on Oct. 22.

In a statement, AXA Mexico said that it had “identified anomalies in its transactions” that passed through its electronic payment system (SPEI) and, as a result, escalated the issue to Mexico’s central bank. SPEI is the main interbank transfer system in Mexico and has no connection to the internet, AXA explained.
After the central bank received the notification, it raised the level of security alarm in the payment system and asked all SPEI-affiliated financial institutions to raise warning levels and oversight. (See the article published on 24 October).

This IT security event is limited to financial institutions that have direct links to the SPEI system, and AXA said its global activities are not affected.

With regard to the incident, AXA Mexico said the following measures were taken to ”strengthen and guarantee security processes Olay:

Mexican financial institutions were informed by the Central Bank of Mexico on the issue.
All processes connected to SPEI have been suspended until further notice.
AXA Information Security teams, including third-party support, analysis and coverage, including the event response protocol to initiate global coordination. The Chief Information Security Officer toured the site to provide support.
The resources and data of AXA Mexico customers were not affected by this IT security incident.

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