AXA Belgium Partners with Online Car Repair Platform Fixico


Fixico, a Paris-based insurance and asset management firm AXA and a platform for cosmetic car repairs after several months of joint testing, has begun offering innovative, completely digital damage handling proposals to AXA customers in Belgium. to reduce costs and time, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

AXA has stated that vision is to be a full-fledged and innovative partner for its customers in the entire value chain: before, during and after any request. Digital innovation is the driving force behind this transformation and allows AXA to offer new services that can significantly improve customer experience and satisfaction.

“We found a strong partner in Fixico to offer our customers a superior digital demand processing solution through our brokers. We are proud to be the first insurance company in Belgium to offer this innovative solution and help thousands of customers, “says François Lecomte, AXA Belgium’s retail sales manager.

With its online platform, the Amsterdam-based Fixico digitizes and organizes the car damage repair process for both consumer and business markets. The company said it uses car owners, insurance companies, fleet management and leasing companies to rapidly get, compare and choose the best offers for vehicle damage repairs. Fixico is currently operating in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and operates a network of 1,500 repair shops, with roughly 150,000 damage done to date.

AXA said the insurance industry is in the middle of a radical, digitally inflated jolt. In particular, the digitization of the end-to-end demand process for the motor insurance industry has tremendous potential: to increase customer satisfaction, reduce demand, and increase the effectiveness and accuracy of claims.

Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, Fixico has room for improved and revitalized areas of damage characterized by limited and transparent applications such as “Customers, insurance companies, brokers and body repair workshops” and still characterized by inefficient and outdated practices. CEO and founding partner.

“We are thrilled to work with such a stable and similar partner who pioneers the innovativeness of the industry and shares our desire to provide a simple and satisfying experience that is tailored to the client. He stepped into this productive and strong cooperation, “he added.

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