Autumn Opportunity From Peugeot


With its unique design, unique technological features and award-winning engine, Peugeot offers its customers a wide range of products that offer outstanding driving comfort. The selected models are waiting for you with a 12 month 0% interest for 36,000 TL or a 24 month 1.49% interest rate for 60,000 TL.
The award-winning PureTech turbo-powered Peugeot 208 and the Peugeot 301 are offered with a 24 month, 1.49% interest credit opportunity for 30.000 TL.

The SUV Peugeot 2008 combines robust and advanced technology with the powerful SUV look and feel of the Peugeot i-Cockpit and the new Peugeot 808, with a 24-month interest rate of 1.49% for 40,000 TL. Peugeot 308 also includes Peugeot Assistance for 8 years. With all these advantages, Peugeot 308, which has been bought as a vehicle rental package, is thus signing the “new generation car rental” project.

“No SUV has gone so far ! SUV Peugeot 3008 and SUV Peugeot 5008 are waiting for lovers with a 24 month 1.49% interest opportunity for 60.000 TL.

Partner Tepee, the successful model of the light commercial product line, offers an investment opportunity that can not be missed with a loan option of 12 months and 0% interest for 36,000 TL.

All Peugeot van family models offer an investment opportunity that will not be missed with a 0% interest rate of 12 months for £ 30,000.

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