AutoNation On-Demand Used Car Subscription Service Bundles Maintenance, Insurance


AutoNation Inc., the country’s largest automotive retailer, has announced a partnership with Fair, a digital subscription service, that will allow consumers to lease used vehicles on a month-to-month basis rather than buying them. Consumers can shop and sign for a car directly through the Fair app from anywhere.

Every Fair car comes with a limited warranty, routine maintenance, and roadside assistance included. Consumers can add insurance, extra miles or excess wear-and-tear protection at checkout and bundle it all into one monthly payment.
Fair and AutoNation dealers will win a new sales channel that matches the second hand vehicle stock to the vehicle owners.

AutoNation will be available in California this month, he said.

Volvo, BMW and Cadillac of General Motors Co. launches similar subscription offers. GM is also testing a peer-to-peer tool sharing program.

Mike Jacksoner, President and CEO of AutoNation and co-founder and CEO of the previously co-operating Fair, Mike Bauer, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Credit Corp., respectively. He served as CEO.

AutoNation operates 325 locations from the beach to the beach. The fair is a Santa Monica-based technology company, pioneering as a service (CaaS) subscription model in the car.

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