Audi started production of the new A1 at seat’s Martorell plant


The Audi A1 was previously produced in Brussels, but after the Q3’s success, the A1 also moved to Spain. The production of A1 was renewed in the factory. it’s even done with two shifts.

Dr. seatt’s production and logistics manager Christian Vollmer will be produced with Audi’s highest quality standards on the production of the new model in Martorell and will prove Audi’s commitment to the Martorell plant. This factory is a strategic iron facility in the Volkswagen Group’s production network.” quoth.
Audi A1 is the third new model to be produced in Martorell after Seat Ibiza and Seat Arona in 2017. For the production of more than five workers made a permanent contract.

“In recent years, the Martorell factory has successfully produced our Audi Q3 model with qualified employees, ” said Peter Kössler, member of Audi’s Board of directors for manufacturing and logistics. The factory learned a lot from the quality-oriented Audi production system and gained experience. Therefore, the Martorell is a very ideal place for the production of the new Audi A1, which is strategically important., ” he said.

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