Audi Q2 e-tron electric crossover is displayed for the first time


Audi is expanding its SUV range with as many new models and versions as possible. The smallest crossover is the Q2.
Following the SQ2 performance version introduced at the Paris Auto Show and the long-wheelbase Q2 L exclusive to China, Audi also works on the electric version. Spy photographers in Germany for the first time viewed the prototype of the Audi Q2 e-tron.

The different design of the car’s front bumper and front shutters gives it an electric Q2. The upper half of the front door is closed because electric cars do not need to be cooled as much as combustion engines. Black plastic parts on both sides of the front bumper may be holding LED daytime driving lights.

There are no exhaust outlets behind the car. This is a sign that it’s an electric car again. On the other hand, petrol and diesel engines, although there are also cars that are hidden in the exhaust outlet.

Interestingly, the Q2 prototype is covered with white foil. The purpose of this could be to hide the solar panels of the Q2 e-tron. The panels are one of the sources for charging the car’s batteries and increase the driving distance.
There is currently no information on the engine and battery pack of the Q2 e-tron. On the other hand, rumor has it the car will be 500 km in range. The Q2 also says it can be used on a Chinese long wheelbase, but judging by the pictures, it can’t be confirmed yet.

If the Chinese model is used in the long hood, we do not know whether the car will be offered to markets outside China.

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