Atlas General, Bascule Underwriting to Offer Workers’ Comp for Equine Industry


Atlas popular insurance services has collaborated with bascule underwriting, experts in equine insurance, to offer an unique people reimbursement product for horse farm proprietors.

This system may be administered through atlas and disbursed through bascule’s community of unbiased sellers/agents. The underwriting organisation is authorised surety and casualty corporation, inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of randall & quilter investment holdings, ltd., with whom atlas has an existing program administrator partnership.
Eligible lessons include a huge range of equine specialists, together with those operating a boarding, breeding, or show training facility and might additionally provide a lesson program. Racing, race schooling, or rodeo operations aren’t eligible. This system is to be had in california, colorado, ny, pennsylvania, and massachusetts and may be elevated into the southeast and midwest regions along with georgia, tennessee, and illinois quickly. Atlas plans to roll-out the program nationally over the next 12-18 months.

Atlas general coverage offerings is a complete-service application administrator that offers variety of insurance products. It focuses on people’ compensation, commercial traces and uniqueness property coverage.

Bascule underwriting is an global software administrator with specialist expertise within the equine area.

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