Artist Sues NRA for Using Chicago’s ‘Bean’ Sculpture in video


Behind Chicago’s famous bean-shaped sculpture, the artist filed a federal lawsuit against the National Rifle Association for alleged copyright infringement, using a picture of what he did in a video ad last year.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Anish Kapoor allegedly removed Cloud Gate from the scene and caused copyright infringement on the case in the US District Court for Northern Districts.

Tourists allow photographs of the statue, but Kapoor said that the commercial images are copyrighted and the NRA does not allow it to be used.

A London-based artist, an NRA, has criticized the use of the NRA as a sculpture in a press release, in an article published in March, as well as Everytown for Gun Safety for gun safety.

Kapoor said that the sculpture was “confiscated by the NRA to maintain its hatred ideology”. The group criticized the commercial for its paranoia, conflict and violence.

Cloud Gate is an “inclusive work that allows people to participate,” the artist said in a statement issued by a New York gallery that represented him early this year.

Kapoor said he received a lot of support from others, “the NRA is divided against the democratic and human values ​​of the American people, and disgusted by the hateful campaign.”

The NRA did not immediately respond to the journalist’s request to comment. The organization said earlier that the “Truth Fisted” video aims to prevent violence.

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