Ames, Iowa: Parking Ticket System Breached; Personal Info Possibly Stolen


As if getting a parking ticket wasn’t bad enough, the city of Ames is informing those who recently paid parking fines that their private information — including credit and debit card numbers — may have been stolen.

The city said in a news release Friday that a data breach may have affected 4,600 people who paid parking tickets using the online system between Aug. 10 and Nov. 19.
The data that can be disclosed include names, mails and e-mail addresses, and credit and debit card numbers.

The city said it had learned the compromise on November 18, that the system was offline, and that the web server replaced it. The system was brought back online on November 20th.

Ames Finance Director Duane Pitcher apologized for the infringement and said he was confident that the city “was addressing and correcting the vulnerability”.

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