Alphabet to shut Google+ social site after user data exposed


(Reuters) — Alphabet Inc.’s Google will shut down the consumer version of its failed social network Google+ and tighten its data sharing policies after announcing on Monday that private profile data of at least 500,000 users may have been exposed to hundreds of external developers.

The issue was discovered and patched in March as part of a review of how Google shares data with other applications, Google said in a blog post. No developer exploited the vulnerability or misused data, the review found.
The shares of the parent company’s Alphabet have closed at 1% from $ 1,155.92 at the latest following privacy issues in order to hit major US technology companies.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier that Google prefers not to disclose the security issue due to fear of legal regulations, citing unnamed sources, and a note prepared by legal and political staff for Google’s top executives.

According to Google, Facebook Inc. would like to ask Facebook Inc. to compare the leak of user information with the data leak in Cambridge Analytica. Google refused to comment beyond the blog post.

Google said on Monday that none of the thresholds that an infringement has to explain should be reviewed after reviewing the type of such data, whether it can identify users to report, proof of abuse, and whether there are any actions the developer or user can make. take to protect themselves.

Security and privacy experts and financial analysts questioned the decision.

Jacob Lehmann, executive director of Friedman CyZen’s consulting and accounting firm, said, iniz Users have the right to report, even if your information is compromised. Fried ”This is a direct result of Facebook’s review of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.“
Facebook challenge

Google+ began in 2011 when the ad giant showed greater interest in competition from Facebook. This may direct users to users based on the data they share with their friends, friends, and online events.

Google+ has copied Facebook with status updates and news feeds, and has allowed users to organize friends groups as they would call them “circles”.

However, Google + and other company’s social media experiments, the complex features and privacy related difficulties due to working to win the users.

Facebook has provided a feature that allows users to link profiles with friends, music, and other applications.

Google has treated its followers by allowing external developers to access some Google+ data with permission from users. Google announced special data on Monday, such as error, name, email address, occupation, gender, and age, presented in a software update. She said that she could only keep two weeks because records couldn’t tell how many users were affected.

Google Docs will remain a built-in networking option for organizations that purchase Google’s G Suite, an application package for creating spreadsheets and presentations.

Google’s plan to withdraw the free version planned for August may help strengthen the case for US policy makers and regulators who are different from Facebook, who are exposed to political warming because of allegations that 87 million user data are being improperly shared. Political counseling with Cambridge Analytica.

Google refused to send Pichai to the Senate Intelligence Commission on September 5, expressed by Facebook’s business manager and the CEO of Twitter Inc. An empty chair was left to Google after the committee rejected Google’s best lawyer as a witness.

Some of the policies Google offers on Monday are designed to help developers who offer mobile apps in the Google Play store, or to restrict the data that developers can offer to create and edit Gmail messages.

Play Store applications are no longer allowed to access text messages and call logs unless they are a default search or texting application on a user’s device, or Google has an exception.

Google stated that the Gmail add-ons offered to consumers starting next year will be subject to a third-party security assessment, which will prevent them from selling user data and cost them from US $ 15,000 to US $ 75,000.

Chris Messina, a designer who worked on Google+ before leaving in 2013, said, scr These kinds of actions can strengthen Google by making it harder for its data to grow for competing services. Er In 2011, you asked for ordinary, scrappy developers who developed apps need. The walls are rising. “

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