Alliant Employee Benefits Hires Kristofak in Virginia


Alliant hired Employee Benefit Bob Kristofak.

Kristofak is in Richmond, Va., And will serve as the new senior vice president of Alliant Employee Benefits, working with a client portfolio to provide strategic staff benefits that reduce spending, improve performance and support long-term growth.

As a veteran of 30 years of health and employee benefit, he has worked with customers in four major regions of the people. It has also consulted employers across the US for internal and global benefits.

Prior to joining the Alliant, Kristofak served as national insurance broker and utility consultant, vice president and enforcement leader for employees. He also held senior leadership positions with United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Alliant Employee Benefits provide benefit programs tailored to meet the needs of today’s organizations. Capabilities; employee involvement, plan negotiation, benefit management, analytical, health and wellness, compliance and benefit planning and all other aspects of management.

Alliant Insurance Services Inc., headquartered in Newport Beach, California, offers property and casualty, employee compensation, employee assistance, bail and financial products and services, including public institutions, tribal nations, health services, energy, law firms, facts . construction, construction and other industrial groups.

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