Advent Launches Political Violence Pricing & Placing Platform for SMEs in MENA


Lloyd’s insurer Advent announces the launch of PVPlus, an online pricing and placement tool. This solution, jointly developed with CFC Underwriting, provides low-cost political violence (PV) access to small and medium-sized (SME) businesses in the Middle East and North Africa region, while reducing Lloyd’s assurance at low cost with high cost. the company said in a statement.

The benefits of the platform are:

Insured limits of up to $ 10 million
100 percent capacity offered in one market
No customer is very small; no minimum premium
Comprehensive threats, including job interruption; sabotage and terrorism (S & T); strikes, riots and civil unrest (SRCC) and war
Up to six hours return on proposals
Fully compatible, connected sliplets produced at the time of attachment.
In a separate account Advent has hired Antoine Bdadouni as business development manager for all classes and territories. He participated on June 1 and reported to active assistant assistant Tariq al-Salihi.

Bdadouni brings 10 years of broker experience and joins Advent from Guy Carpenter. Finally, in 2013, the Dubai DIFC office, an office that helped establish it, was headed. He was also a member of Marsh and McLennan. The MENA executive committee and career began as a reinsurance vehicle in Nasco, Paris.

“In today’s political climate, SMEs in MENA are the best example of a buyer class that can benefit greatly from proper PV insurance,” said Laura Goldsworthy, president of Advent’s political violence.

“Still, it is still largely inadequate due to disproportionately high costs for local, low-value businesses through established specialists in London,” he added.

“Our new partnership is a game changer, because we can present our expertise directly to local brokers, which allows us to make significant savings to these vital shoppers. I am looking forward to offering a reliable and cost-effective solution backed by the “A +” rating capacity to businesses that really need to work with Antoine. “

Advent is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., a holding company dealing with property and casualty insurance and reinsurance and investment management. Advent underlines Syndicate 780 at Lloyd’s since 1974.

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