2020 Audi Q7 cameras caught


A few weeks ago, a 2020 Audi Q7 prototype was displayed for the first time. New headlights and front shutters were camouflaged in car traffic. In recent photographs, the new rear lights have also emerged.
If you look just below the rear lights, there seems to be a horizontal strip covering the entire rear. We don’t know yet whether this is a strip of illumination like the e-tron or a metallic decoration like the new A6 Avant.

If this is a decor, the A6 Avant is positioned far below here when connecting the rear lamps.

Looking at the graphics, it looks like the original design and looks a bit like the A6 Avant. The design of the luggage cover has been renewed, especially around the plate draws attention.

Other visual changes include smaller front shutters and redesigned headlights.
More efficient and technological

The Audi 2020 Q7 will make it more environmentally friendly and efficient in terms of fuel consumption. The engine options are not yet known, but the diesel version is not expected to be offered in particular in the USA.

Better active security systems in the interior, improved connectivity features and up-to-date software, as well as changes to the control panel are expected.

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