2019 BMW 3-Series demonstrates its new exterior design and technological cabin


BMW 3-Series sales have dropped 40% in the U.S. in the last three years and the company hopes to reverse this decline with a new model to be introduced at the Paris Motor Show.
BMW, who had previously published a series of teaser, unveiled the model with a more detailed video. In the video, we see that the model will come with a large front shutter and a unique shaped headlamp. The main headlights seem to have laser light and are surrounded by LED daytime lights.

The video shows that the previous generation comes with a more elegant design and a more accentuated shoulder.

Other highlights include large wheel arches, more elegant rear headlights and a tailgate with integrated wind. In addition, the new door handles, revised side mirrors and the dual exhaust system also attracts attention.

In addition to the exterior, we see the interior of the car in the video. Although the images are not very comprehensive, the 3-Series will come with a new steering wheel and a larger multimedia system integrated into the console.

The X5 and 8-Series Coupe’s similarity to the new Control Panel does not forget. In addition, the new centre console has been updated with control buttons, elegant air intakes and a bright metallic finish.
BMW does not rush to explain specifications, but the future of the car is confirmed by a series of aerodynamic styling innovations. In this way, the car will have a coefficient of friction of 0.23 air. The 3-series will have a lower centre of gravity and the car’s weight will be reduced by 55 kg.

Other innovations include a new suspension with high-tech shock absorbers, a more sporty M Sport suspension and an advanced Variable Sports driving system.
Model four-cylinder and six-cylinder engine
options will be offered.The four-cylinder gasoline engine, which has been extensively revised, is now claimed to be the most powerful BMW engine. Later, plug-in hybrid and electric versions of the car are expected to be available.

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