2019 Audi R8 comes out with sporty style and more powerful V10 engines


In Europe, the new models will be released next year have a more aggressive design. The large single-frame front shutters and three jaws on the hood contribute to this aggressive design. It also highlights a new front splitter and more aggressive air intakes.

In general, the style changes in the car are limited, but the Audi model also has a new three-piece engine cover. The car will be available in three exterior packages, the front splitter, side sections and diffuser will have different styles. The updated model also features two new colour options: the Kemora Grey and the Ascari blue. Optional glossy black logos can also be added to the car.

Interior changes consist of new color options. These include pastel grey Ground – Rock Grey seams, palomino Brown ground – steel grey seams, black ground – utopia blue seams. The R8 performance design package will also be available at the highest hardware level. This package will come with leather and Alcantara flooring, also carbon fiber surfaces and Mercato blue details.
The R8 V10 now comes with 562 horsepower (419 kW / 570 PS) and 550 Nm torque (29 hp). Thanks to the extra power output, the car can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds. Maximum speed is 324 km/h.
The 5.2-liter engine on the R8 V10 is more powerful than before and now comes with 611 horsepower (456 kW / 620 PS). Torque is 580 Nm. With this equipment, the car accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds and its maximum speed is 331 km/h.

The 2019 R8 offers greater stability and precision thanks to its revised suspension. In addition, the standard power steering system and the optional Dynamic Steering system have been improved to provide better feedback and responsiveness.

Braking performance is improved with Electronic Stability Control. Braking distance of 100 – 0 km/h is 1.5 metres, braking distance of 200 – 0 km/h is 5 metres.

20-inch ultra-lightweight wheels and new summer and sports tyres, carbon ceramic brake discs, as well as carbon fibre-reinforced polymer / aluminum front stabilizer are among the car’s outstanding features.

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