2 Charged With Selling Fake Insurance in Michigan


Two people in Michigan face felony charges filed by the state’s attorney general for allegedly selling fraudulent insurance to customers.

The charges are the result a joint investigation by the Child, Elder, and Family Financial Crimes Division at the Michigan Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Insurance and Financial Services.
Both Flint and Angella Swain and Cornell Jones met on October 29th.

Swain has been charged with 13 crimes:

1 The number of execution of the Criminal Institution is an offense of up to 20 years in prison;
An offense punished by an Agent for more than $ 1,000 but less than $ 20,000 for a misdemeanor; up to five years’ imprisonment; and
1 The Number of PCs to commit a crime is a criminal offense of up to 20 years in prison.
Jones is charged with a Conspiring to Conduct a Penitentiary, a criminal offense for up to 20 years in prison.

Swain and Jones were assigned to the 67th District Court of Genesee County in Flint, in front of Judge David Guinn. Both defendants were released on the Personal Recognition bond. The next court date is scheduled for November 8, 2018.

Case Background
An alleged victim was inaugurated in June 2016 by DIFS after they reportedly purchased fake insurance. DIFS described the two defendants as alleged perpetrators of selling fraudulent insurance. In September 2016, the case was referred to the General Directorate of Chief Public Prosecutor for further investigation.

Swain was a licensed insurance agent in Michigan in 2002, and until 2013, DIFS ran Swain Insurance when it suspended its license because it did not return its premiums to insurance companies. Also in 2013, Swain’s ex-husband, Cornell Jones, began to select Select Insurance Services, claiming Swain’s fraud insurance through Select. In 2014, DIFS permanently canceled Swain’s license and Jones’s license in 2016.
Between 2011 and 2016, at least twenty victims were claimed to have paid Swain Insurance or Selection Insurance for landlord and auto insurance, but never received any collateral, and some victims did not discover that they were not insured until a car accident and the insurance claim.

Investigations have claimed that Angella Swain’s customers pocketed some of their insurance premiums instead of delivering their insurance premiums to insurance companies. Later, Swain, claiming that they gave customers false insurance certificates, made them believe that they were not insurance coverage.

The accusation of the accusation is only assumed to be innocent until the accusation and the accused are proven guilty.

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